What Clients say about us

It is a moment of pride for Team Sublimis when we receive such wonderful testimonials from our clients. We have most of our clients giving us repeat business and such feedback only reconfirms their trust in Sublimis. This also ensures that we keep delivering to the best of our abilities and capabilities.

Mohd Akbar - Ladakh Mountain Tour & Travels

Sublimis team is very responsive, professional, and respectful. They have built a very nice website for us. Awesome work. Web Sublimis team always listen to us first, give suggestions and always ready to make changes. I wish All the Best to Sublimis team for successful website development business.


Thanks to
Mr. Kaushal Ranpura
Mr. Pankaj Guatam
Mr. Avtar Singh

Mohd Akbar
Ladakh Mountain Tour & Travels
Rohan Prakash - Unwild Planet

Team Sublimis did a fantastic job in creating our website and our CMS - which is both easy to understand and edit by any non-tech professional. The website is beautifully designed, all the functions are well executed. Working with a team like Sublimis which comes with an immense understanding of technology specially in the travel sector really helped to ensure each of the functionalities are factored in the development process. Highly recommend for anyone looking for a professional team to work with.

Rohan Prakash
Co-Founder & CEO - Unwild Planet
Vassilis Sakellaris - Tour Greece

Today travel provider needs technology to reduce overheads and a smooth and hassle-free experience, with an expectation of adequate personalized attention at every step.

Team Sublimis were professional and courteous in dealings, delivered items as per our expectations well before time and charged reasonable prices. The team understands the need to enhance customer journey with technology and simplify processes keeping innovation in mind.

We have got a good site for our products.

Job well done, and I hope we can continue to grow together.

Vassilis Sakellaris
President - TourGreece
Ashutosh Mehere - Diraiv

The greatest advantage of working with the Sublimis Technologies team was not just their proficiency over technology but their expertise in the domain of travel. Their experience in executing diverse design projects for multiple audiences, has honed this capability to design & execute an assignment into an art form.

While defining the scope for our start-up venture, their approach to pre-empt long term challenges, helped us tremendously during execution & rollout. From a business perspective, this has led to substantial savings for us in terms of time & investments.

The support provided us was 360° in nature, including design, CMS, hosting, right up to connecting with the right digital marketing team. The backend CMS solution provided by them is extremely user friendly for small business owners to manage on their own & is probably the best in the industry.

I would highly recommend Sublimis Technologies as a solutions provider even for the most challenging assignments.

Ashutosh Mehere
Founder - DIRAIV
Quill Club Writers

Sublimis is your one stop shop for all your online needs. Not only are the engineers of Sublimis good at their work, they are also very patient people. Our experience has been extremely satisfying and fruitful with Sublimis. They make you think logically, deliver on time and work with you to improve what has been delivered. All in all, it is a delight to work with Sublimis Team. We came to them for a tiny need and in no time turned to them for all our online / Ecommerce requirements. We wish them all the very best always and recommend them to anyone who needs an online or Business Automation Platform and/or solution.

Hemant Kumar
Quill Club Writers

Dr. Vadana Nadig Nair CEO, ElderAid Wellness Pvt. Ltd.

Bunny Bhoola Director, African Training Academy

Sunil Chachlani - Let Money Work

At Sublimis, I have always received personal attention to all my needs and ideas pertaining to my website. Professional and timely approach make things all the more easy. The team is very much experienced and knowledge oriented which helped in a much bigger way.

Happy to be associated with Sublimis

Sunil Chachlani
Financial Wellness Coach
Bunny Bhoola - African Link

My sincere gratitude to the team at Sublimis for the excellent work of the website that you presented to African Link Tourism. I commend the Sublimis team for their patience as they incorporated and accommodated our several changes to present a final website that we are proud to showcase our African Link Tourism Training Academy. Good luck and all the best to the team.

Bunny Bhoola
African Link
Travadda Connect

We developed a great partnership with team Sublimis and their dedication, trust and credibility to develop “Travadda connect” Next-Gen platform. We appreciate their attention to detail and creative approach to bringing our thoughts and concept to life online. Amazing Tech Company with in-hand product knowledge, Supportive, Quality advisors and trained engineers.

Thank you Team Sublimis.

Prithwijit Roy
Founder & CEO
Ajit Khetle - Technocrats

Sublimis Technologied Pvt Ltd has developed our website for Technocrats Hygiene Product. They have done a fabulous job, in-fact we had given the web design work to another vendor, which was not satisfactory.

We requested Sublimis to redo the website as per the latest trends and they have done a excellent job as they are well versed with all the latest trend in the industry. I would provide a glowing recommendation for Sublimis to one and all, as his work is truly outstanding in every aspect.

Ajit Khetle
Arun Mehra - astrohelp.guru

Value : Adding Value, Creating Value & Respecting Value
Good : Grounded Partners & Good Human-beings added to this Good Domain expertise
Meticulous & Systematic : Process driven, Technology Driven
Reliable in every way : They will not let you down : Goals, Targets, Quality Delivery

astrohelp.guru is an startup in the inner wellness space and our journey would not have begun if it wasn't for the help, support and guidance of the Sublimis Team. Their contribution has been instrumental in our successful launch from both a Technology & a Business Support point. The Team has been our extended Technology department and has understood our domain of occult sciences and powered it with technology to bring forth unique On The Go Solutions to the category and the millennial customer. My Journey with them has just begun and I look forward to many innovations in the near future.

I wish them the best and know that they're capable of creating cutting edge solutions for the partners.

Arun Mehra
Nilesh Ranpura - Hunger Yums

Honestly, very rarely I write a review with my opinion or experience but now I have the intention to develop my business of Hunger Yums Kitchen and people who want to be successful in the online food business, first you need to know what you want, second how do you want it to look your Web Site and what effect you want to achieve in the Food market, and thirdly save time and money and hire Web Site Designer.

After searching and dealing with different designers and developers without success, I finally found V G M R and they put color, flavor and efficiency to my Website, we worked together in various areas such as logos, Menu, web pages and we are currently optimizing our main website, implementing new strategies to make it more attractive our trends in food and our Franchise opportunities to the customers. If you need a team working with you from A to Z, V G M R is the company. Thanks to all the team for the support, especially Kaushal and Avtaar.

Nilesh Ranpura
CEO, Hunger Yums Cloud Kitchens
Giving Circle

For the whole team @Sublimis, we are quite happy with the knowledge, depth you bring to the table and how you are supporting Giving Circle in making a user friendly Platform for Community Service.

The Phase 1 has been delivered within the agreed timelines.

We look forward to a long partnership.

Giving Circle

FICCI would like to thank Sublimis Technologies for supporting us to execute a succesful Travel Startup Accelarator Series. We look for to partner with them for our future initiatives.


Ashish Kumar - Start-up Mentor Board

When the world had flattened, any one who would have leant a meaningful shoulder to re-build the canvas of Travel & Tourism would take great pride to look back when all this would be "over" and life and world would return to "Normal" and say to him self "I helped the cause". The Start-up Mentor board was founded with such an intent indeed, but it is the zeal and the creative support received from the folks at Sublimis which has made all this possible in the reach out program, harvesting the social media and creating an absolutely wonderful digital foot print. Take a bow all at Sublimis and I will say "you helped the cause"

Ashish Kumar
Start-up Mentor Board
Ashish Kumar - Coffee with Ashish

When I did the first episode of "Coffee with Ashish", I was not too sure where it would go. The encouragement for the contents, format and the value each episode has been able to drive with the audience in the "Knowledge Transfer" process, has far exceeded my own exceptions. Here I have to say the role played by the Sublimis team in terms of creativity displayed, ability to grasp "unsaid thoughts" for me has been amazing to say the least, further egging my own desire and will to keep walking ……

Ashish Kumar
Coffee with Ashish
RightPeople DME Pvt. Ltd.

We have been working on a holiday platform for sometime and eventually approached the team at Sublimis to do it for us and they have delivered what we wanted and more. The advantage working with the Sublimis team was that they not only understand technology but are subject matter experts in the travel domain itself. I have always enjoyed working with the Sublimis founding team in my earlier assignments and the fact that they clearly understand the requirement from a business standpoint is half the battle won.

Their approach, technology acumen, delivery skills and the overall solution delivered was beyond expectations and we will be extending our scope with them post the Covid-19 period.

I would definitely recommend Sublimis Services to others as they understand both Business and Technology.

Ashutosh Mehere
RightPeople DME Pvt. Ltd.