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Ecommerce Platform

Our Ecommerce Platform enables greater market reach for the companies by connecting the sellers and buyers on a virtual platform (B2B & B2C) across the business transaction lifecycle. This is Out of Box, Configurable, On the Go Use for Any product for Ecommerce Distribution or Formation of Market Place. This also easily gets integrated with any third party applications as needed.

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Holiday Platform

SAAS Based one-stop end to end Leisure Platform for managing holidays across the Client Life Cycle.

The platform optimizes costs and brings in economies of scale by using automation tools for decision making thereby enabling partners to focus on Sales & Distribution.

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  • Ecommerce Platform
  • Holiday Platform

Key Security Features of Our Platforms

  • Audit & Logging
    Offers full audit logs that trace every record and every action Trails enable to create quicker & cleaner traces Logs maintained as per compliance requirements
  • Design & Operational Security
    Roles & Resources based access ensure that all system or user access are pre-approved and are restricted by Design
  • Encryption
    Customer data at rest is encapsulated. PCI DSS Compliance vendors used for secure payment transactions
  • Identity & Access Management
    Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) is implemented for user access. Access control is layered across infrastructure, Application and Database.
  • Active Monitoring
    Security, Network and Application Performance Monitoring is done in active and reactive modes
  • Threat / Fraud Management
    Periodic Baseline Assessment, Vulnerability assessment and Penetrating Testing, Blacklisting and White Listing of IP Addresses
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